Springwood Smallbore and Air Rifle Club is a safe, family-friendly club located in the Blue Mountains that has been in existence for more than one hundred years. Anyone over the age of twelve, whether you are interested in shooting for fun, or might one day be an Olympic hopeful, is welcome. Why not come along and give it a try?

Target shooting is a non-contact sport. Safety is the priority with shooting supervised at all times by a qualified range officer. Unlike other sports, target shooting at a club level is a relatively non-competitive sport. The only real competition being with yourself to improve. Should you be interested, there are graded competitions available. You are not locked into a weekly commitment like some other sports, you can attend as often as you like. The club is open most Saturdays. Click here to see the club's event calendar.

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The types of target shooting offered by the club are:

Prone and benchrest 50m

Air rifle (indoors) 10m

Click on the pictures below for information on each form of shooting offered at the club.

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