133 Bee Farm Road Springwood NSW 2777
Springwood Smallbore Rifle Club


133 Bee Farm Road, Springwood NSW
The club has a 50m range, which is used for both prone and benchrest shooting, and a 10m indoor air rifle range. The clubhouse has canteen and toilet facilities. There is disabled access to both the clubhouse and firing range. Ample parking on site.


Do you have any questions?

Please contact us for further information. Phone:  Laurie 0450 704 039 or Les 0455 844 000 or Email

Coaching is always available for all disciplines, although priority is given to juniors wishing to shoot Air rifle.

Shooting won't normally take place if the temperature is going to be above 38C in Summer.

Visitors Guide

Our club is open Saturdays for visitors & members with shooting commencing at 1pm, therefore it is advisable to arrive around 12:15pm so that paperwork can be done if you wish to shoot on that day.  Feel free to drop in if you want to just have a look.  It is advised that you wear closed in shoes and suitable comfortable clothing.

Typically we shoot 2 cards each with finish time around 2:30 to 3pm depending on numbers.

We shoot each Saturday through the year.  Also Wednesday evenings twice a month becomes an option if you become a member and hold a shooters license.  The club also has a 10 metre air rifle range.

Points to note:

Cost to licensed visitors is $20 (cash only) each.  You provide your own ammo.

Unlicensed visitor fee is $30 (ammo provided by club).  Due to insurance reasons you may only shoot as a visitor on 3 occasions. To continue shooting a membership application must be submitted and accepted by the club.

If you are unlicensed then photo id (preferably) is required for the P650 declaration.  If under 18 then a parent/guardian is also required to be present during shooting.  Minimum age is 12 years old.

Our club can provide ammo to be consumed on the day for a fee of $10. One box of ammo allows you to shoot twice in the afternoon.

Targets are provided by the club.

The range is certified for the use of .22 calibre rimfire rifles only which use long rifle ammunition of standard velocity or ammunition certified as target quality. All rifles used must be capable of being loaded as single shot. No high velocity ammo allowed on the range.

Shooting commences ~ 1pm & finishes ~ 2:30pm.

Annual membership costs are just under $292 (seniors) or $264 (juniors/concession) which includes range visit     fees/targets to the member.  Additional costs to the member would only be ammunition.

If you do not hold a shooters license then after joining the club we can provide a safety test for a small fee & letter of membership to facilitate getting a shooters license/permit.

Our club is affiliated with NSWSARAI/TRA associations so there is a pathway to elite level shooting if desired.

Persons who hold a Class A Firearms licence that is not endorsed for target shooting may also shoot as a visitor.

A benchrest rifle event is also conducted where shooters are permitted to use .22 sporting rifles fitted with  telescopic sights or target rifles.

The club has a limited amount of equipment available for use by visitors.

Firearms Safety Awareness Test

We can assist people who wish to obtain a shooter's licence endorsed for target shooting, who need to complete the Firearms Safety Awareness Test. Several members of the club are able to conduct the Firearms Safety Training Course for longarms and tests are conducted on a Saturday at a cost. Make sure you have read the 'Firearms (Longarms) Users Guide'. It is necessary to make an appointment to carry out the test.

Information on obtaining a Firearms Licence.
0450 704 039

Springwood Smallbore Rifle Club

is a safe, family-friendly club located in Springwood NSW in the beautiful Blue Mountains. It has been in existence for more than one hundred years. Anyone over the age of twelve, whether you are interested in shooting for fun, or might one day be an Olympic hopeful, is welcome. Why not come along and give it a try?
ISSF target shooting disciplines offered by the club are 50m Prone, 50m Benchrest and 10m Air Rifle (indoors).
Target shooting is a non-contact sport. Safety is the priority with shooting supervised at all times by a qualified range officer. Unlike other sports, target shooting at a club level is a relatively non-competitive sport. The only real competition being with yourself to improve. Should you be interested, there are graded competitions available. You are not locked into a weekly commitment like some other sports, you can attend as often as you like.